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Your financial growth is our priority


Radiant Tax and Financial Services, LLC finds every tax deduction and credit you qualify for to get you the biggest tax refund, guaranteed.

We make sure you get a comprehensive review of your tax return before we file so you can be confident nothing gets missed. We use the number one leading tax software to make sure our calculations are 100% accurate so your taxes will be done right.

We offer multiple refund options. Customers can choose from prepaid Visa card, direct deposit or a check printed in our office.

Please call or e-mail us at today - we'll be happy to offer you a free initial consultation.

Here is a list of items you may need to bring to your tax interview:

  • Dependents' Social Security Numbers & Dates of Birth

  • Wage Statements - W-2', 1099misc’s etc

  • Social Security/Unemployment Income

  • Self-Employment Business Income and Expenses 

          (These need to be totaled up in their proper categories)


  • Pension and Retirement Income

  • Alimony Paid or Received

  • Interest and Dividend Income

  • Sale of Stocks or Bonds (Sales and costs need to summarized)

  • Lottery or Gambling (winnings & losses)

  • State Refunds

  • Income and Expenses categorized) from Rentals

  • Medical and Dental Expenses Totaled

  • Medical insurance (not insurance deducted from W-2,s)

  • Long term care insurance

  • Medical miles

  • Real Estate and Personal Property Taxes

  • Cash and Non-Cash Charitable Donations Totaled separately

  • Mortgage and Home Equity Loan Interest Paid

  • Unreimbursed Employment-Related Expenses Totaled

  • Educational Expenses

  • Child Care Expenses & Provider Information

  • Last Year's Tax Return (if completed elsewhere)


Radiant Tax and Financial Services, LLC can help you manage your wealth. In today’s complex world marked by interdependent markets, global interests and changing tax requirements, it can be difficult to have confidence and peace of mind when it comes to your financial life. We understand the unique challenges you face in managing your wealth and planning for the future.

We offer the judgment, experience and capability required to help you achieve your goals now and in the future. In addition, we provide a robust portfolio of private wealth services to better serve the sophisticated needs of all individuals and families.


No matter how complex your business questions, Radiant Tax and Financial Services, LLC have the capabilities and experience to deliver the answers you need to move forward. We can help you take decisive action and achieve sustainable results.

In a competitive marketplace, private company leaders like you need an advisor who has demonstrated experience in developing solutions to the issues and challenges facing companies. You want an advisor who understands business strategy, technology solutions, risk management and strategic data analysis. At Radiant's, we work with clients like you on these and other critical aspects of your business.

If you’re interested in growing your business, and need some consulting help to get to that goal, we stand ready to help.

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